In my opinion one of the greatest journeys in life is to continue to learn.

"The wise man knows he knows nothing, the fool thinks he knows all."

I live by this quote and strive to be as knowledgable as one can be, on a vast array of ideas and concepts.

EasyBank is my UI final concept in design for a conventional banking app.  The first is a mood board thrown together to show off fonts, styles of characters, colors, and give an overall feel for the app. The second design is a completed interface. I kept it simple, and as kid friendly (as much as I knew then) as I could. Showing the main screen, along with a store with a checkout screen below it.

There will be more to come on this page as my educational journey is never ending!


This project was made with ReactJS using react-router, react context API and JS fetch API. Sass was used for styling website.


This project was made with ReactJS using react-router, react context API and JS fetch API. Sass was used for styling website.


This project was made with semantic HTML tags, Scss for responsive design, and a little bit of JS for functionality.

Avondale Center of Excellence

For this project I was able to create the first landing page which isn't active anymore, I also created this Logo

Smoove Creations Instagram 

I've Worked with this brand continuously to grow our social media following and product value.  Each year our sales have gone up by 10% since I've been creating content and taking over all communications. 

Smoove Creations Case Study

Social Media

The challenge here, like for many companies, is the experience for social media was never curated. It was rapid posting and quick fixes.

The solution was to present ourselves in a very recognizable way across each platform in social spaces and our websites.

This began with research. I personally took up this task digging through our socials and finding our target audience. From this point my team and I began to hash out our look moving forward.

After many meetings we began to build a look based around our branding, including our tone and our overall message.

This resulted in much more interaction through Instagram, subsequently driving customers to our website.

With Hootsuite, l I personally manage our social media accounts. This is an international brand, I wanted to be much more inclusive of different cultures, styles, and wanted to push for the more uncommon. I especially wanted to present more unusual items with people in power and also in our videos showcase our diverse staff people to push the brands imagery beyond just photos.

Many of the bold ideas I created were dismissed but when we met in the middle as presented below were received well within the company and to our audience.

2018 | This is a post Before I began Social Media Management | 2018 - 75 followers

No youtube following, No post consistency

2019 | I took over creating posts for social media, implementing keywords and hashtags |

Growth to 300+ followers in a year 

50+ Youtube subscribers

Today: Maintaining Page and Keeping posts consistent with succinct and creative detail | 

2022 - 1400 followers and 

500+ youtube subscribers